11th Networking for GSIC Members

GSIC members will have a new opportunity to generate synergies in a new edition of the GSIC Networking Meetings, to be held on March 22, 2019, starting at 12:00 am at the headquarters of the Center (c / Goya, 90 – Madrid). The GSIC regularly organizes these types of meetings, which aim to facilitate mutual understanding.

Through a very dynamic methodology of short interviews, all participants in these networking meetings have the opportunity to meet and become known among other partners with whom they can explore synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

GSIC members settled outside Spain and unable to travel, will have the opportunity to send a presentation video that will be shown to the attendees or join by Skype. Let us know which way would suit you better.

Also, we will offer you a short working session where our paetner Digital Branding Ltd who built our intranet, will share with you how to use it.