GSIC, Trentino Sviluppo and EPSI are launching European Sports Tech Conversations with a masterclass on digital transformation

The Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC), the European Platform for Sport Innovation (EPSI) and Trentino Sviluppo joined forces with an aim to provide the sports innovation community across the industry with an added value.

Together we have launched a series of European Sport Tech Conversations, exclusive online events that will help to disseminate knowledge on the most important and trending topics of the sports industry, provided by the most relevant stakeholders and experts in big data, IoT, blockchain, eSports, Cybersecurity, fan engagements and much more.

The European Sport Tech Conversations are an intellectual exploration, an innovation-driven reflection and a forward-looking future-oriented vision for our eco-system. This is a space for the dialogue between the speakers and participants where everyone can share their points of view, their expertise and experiences.
The first European Sport Tech Conversation focused on the Digital Transformation of sports entities and the evolution of the main technological trends of the industry.

Iris Córdoba explained the latest changes in the world’s economy and society that are bringing a plenty of opportunities for industries like tourism, infrastructure and entertainment, and sports are certainly a way of entertainment. She also overviewed new business models that appeared in the industry with the arrival of the digital. There are some important demographic aspects as well: people are moving from rural places to big cities which once again creates new opportunities for businesses.

This is a very important aspect because not only the sports organizations have to understand their fan base, but they also have to bear in mind that the sponsors from whom they get a bunch of revenue, are also looking to connect with those digital natives, so they will associate their partnerships with clubs, teams and leagues that are able to connect with those younger generations.

Mobility, IoT, new ways of interaction between human beings with Social Media. Everything available at the cloud and using Big Data as the new gold.

The European Sport Tech Conversations are an intellectual exploration, an innovation-driven reflection and a forward-looking future-oriented vision for our eco-system. We aim – through the establishment of these virtual meetings – to create a (new?) common language on innovation and sport. Through the creation of a common language, we aim to develop a Sport/Innovation Community.

Methodologically, nomina sunt consequentia rerum (“names are a consequence of things”). So, our purpose is to articulate a conversation, European and inter-national in form and focused on Sport Tech in substance.

The European Sport Tech Conversations are an open space for dialogue and reflection – but also a place of action, where new initiatives could be launched in an informal setting. We welcome every participant to share his/her story, his/her ideas and his/her vision. If somebody wishes to take formal commitment vis-à-vis our community, he/she is very welcome to do so at an individual or at an institutional level.

We are conscious that Miles’ Law applies and it states: “Where you stand depends on where you sit”. Every participant has his/her stand point in the universe and in the Sport Tech eco-system. Every participant has a peculiar view on the matter we discuss and it will be complemented by one/two other views.

Additionally, there will always be two discussant (one from Trentino Sviluppo and one from GSIC) who will animate the debate and enlarge our perspective.
In every Conversation, we are seeking to correct the gender unbalances of our world in general and of the sport world in particular. For this reason and consequently, we have tried as much as possible to have a gender-balanced approach to the debate. We also wish to stimulate female leaders to enter the discussion (in particular) and all members of our eco-system to feel at home (in general).

The European Sport Tech Conversation are born from a collaboration between Trentino Sviluppo (Italy), the Global Sport Innovation Centre powered by Microsoft (Spain) and the European Platform for Sport Innovation (Europe).

All members of the 3 Communities (Trentino Sviluppo, GSIC and EPSI) are invited to participate – but the formula of engagement is open and open-ended. All potential participants who wish to follow and actively engage in the Conversations are kindly invited to register and matriculate via a special registration form. GSIC provided the technology via the platform Teams.

Potentially and hypothetically, the conversations are recorded with the aim and with the hope of the curators to create an e-book in the future. To be continued…let the conversation start, flourish and prosper!