New members – October 2019

Elur – develops rescue devices for outdoor sports

Milcontratos – MilContratos is a digital platform that offers, by means of the latest cutting-edge technology integrated into the law sector, more than 1.800 interactive legal documents to either citizens or enterprises (contracts, judicial documents, letters, minutes, statutes, etc.). The legal documents are drafted, updated and regularly reviewed by our team of lawyers, and they are completed in the cloud through an automated process of interaction with the platform: The user answers to a list of multiple questions, and our technology automatically completes the document in real time, which it can be downloaded or electronically signed.
Regarding our corporate services, we provide (1) B2B services (we develop personalized legal intranets for companies with the purpose of professional usage) and (2) B2B2C services (for private use of their clients). Our legal database includes a full package of legal documents for the sports’ sector with the aim of guaranteeing legal safeguards and regulatory compliance to clubs, federations and athletes or any other type of sports’ entity.

Orwell VR (Virtual Soccer Zone) Orwell is a Milan based indie games studio. We make XR/VR/AR videogames and immersive experiences focused on sportification. Virtual Soccer Zone is our main product, the first soccer Esport in virtual reality designed for Fan Engagement and Location Based Entertainment.

Seyu Seyu provides an interactive fan‐engagement service via a mobile app for sports clubs and federations which connects fans in front of TV‐s and on the stands with the players on the pitch. While generating more revenue on already sold commercial surfaces, high-engaging social media content and refined target market characteristics for partners.

Speakerman – The agency with the best speakers and professional hosts for any type of event all around Spain. We have the best speakers, hosts, speaker woman, MC´s and curiosities (freestylers, comedians, sound equipment). We are specialized in sports events, corporate events, awards dinners, brand activation, and product presentations. Our mission is to communicate the brand message, with the best professionalism. Born to talk.