Join Microsoft Partner Network!

At the GSIC we continue developing our 5th pillar, which as you all know is related to Microsoft Solutions, working closely with Microsoft Sports Team who was supporting the GSIC since its creation in 2015 in all its initiatives and activities, as well as our members solutions.

Now, we want to offer you the value of the Microsoft Partner Network, a program designed by Microsoft to enhance technology-based companies businesses by facilitating them access to the market, providing free MS technology and services, as well as the power of a network of  thousands of partners worldwide.

With Microsoft Partner Network you will have more visibility to the sports industry ecosystem as this will allow you to be included into our MS Sports Solutions Offering, meaning that your solution will be promoted by MS Sports Team to the sports organizations worldwide. Also, you will have priority when participating in some of GSIC’s activities, like Innovation Days, Workshops and Sport Thinkers.

And, above all, you will be provided with a set of

–        training resources,

–        incentive programs,

–        marketing resources,

–        access to software for internal use,

–        personalized support.

There are 4 different models of partnership from which you can choose the one that suits your business the best. You can easily start with the Basic Membership, completely for free, by just registering on this link. Enroll in by completing your company information and start exploring all the resources and possibilities that Microsoft offers.

For more information about Microsoft Partner Network and other Microsoft programs, we attach to this email a detailed guide. Also, in a couple of weeks you will receive an invitation to join our Virtual Meeting “How to become a Microsoft Partner and its benefits”, where we will deepen into the different Microsoft Partner programs to optimize your business.