Microsoft Partner Network

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At the GSIC we continue developing our 5th pillar, which as you all know is related to Microsoft Solutions, working closely with Microsoft Sports Team who was supporting the GSIC since its creation in 2015 in all its initiatives and activities, as well as our members solutions. Now, we want to offer you the value of the Microsoft Partner Network, a program designed by Microsoft to enhance technology-based companies businesses by facilitating them access to the market, providing free MS technology and services, as well as the power of a network of thousands of partners worldwide.

GESx Esports Club Challenges conference organized by GES and GSIC: “Team challenges in esports”

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On October 30, the GESx Esports Club Challenges took place, the second of the four THINK TANK organized by the GSIC and Global Esports Summit. On this occasion, we brought up the topic of the "Challenges of esports teams". The event was presented by Iñigo Bonilla, Director of Business Development at GSIC, and by Antonio Lacasa, Director of GES, who also moderated the discussion. During the event we counted on professionals like Marcos Eguillor, Co-founder & CCO of Mad Lions E.C.; Virginia Calvo, Director of Institutional Relations and co-owner Vodafone Giants; Antonio Catena, General Director of Team Heretics and Alberto Raya, General Manager of Cavaliers Team.

World Football Summit 2019

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For the fourth consecutive year, GSIC was present at World Football Summit which this time the event gathered more than 2.000 attendees from 100 countries. 25 companies and organizations, GSIC members participated as speakers in pannels and round tables and placed their booths in the exhibition area.

Startup Competition 2019 – Immersion Week

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As the Startup Competition 2019 by LaLiga supported by GSIC was coming to its final, all the 10 startups who won this competition, came to Madrid on September 19 to spend an Immersion Week with GSIC and LaLiga. During this week, the 10 winners of the competition visited LaLiga headquarters and met the representatives of its 10 departments, worked on improving their pilot projects and pitches, received training sessions on Branding and Digital transformation, participated at WFS 2019 and delivered their final pitches to LaLiga.

Names of the 10 winners of Startup Competition 2019

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The Startup Competition 2019 from The Original Inspiration Centre by LaLiga supported by GSIC has chosen the 10 winners of the first stage of the competition. This initial phase saw a total of 279 companies from 55 different countries and five continents took part in it.