Newsletter – March 2020

Newsletter – March 2020

GSIC Newsletter – February 2020
GSIC – Adapt, Recover and Accelerate

The COVID-19 crisis might be forcing our industry into important changes and it’s been 3 weeks of working from home for the GSIC team. In this time, we managed to re-adapt all our activities to 100% online modality using Microsoft Teams tool.

It was very important for us to stay close now more than ever to our members and offer them our support in this difficult situation. For that purpose, we launched a special initiative for solutions that can help the sports industry approach this crisis. We also collaborated with European Commission to get our startups and SMEs with technologies and innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring or other aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak to apply urgently to the next round of funding from the European Innovation Council.

Now, in the past 7 days, we managed to carry out 5 events open to all the
ecosystems where we gathered over 600 unique attendees.

Thanks to all our speakers for participating and to all the attendees who connected and interacted in all the sessions.

We’ll continue preparing more interesting content for the sports tech community in order to support all its elements in times of crisis because only together we can stand it!

In this edition of our newsletter, we are featuring all the news from our members that they have shared with us as a way of supporting all their activities in these difficult times.

Upcoming events
VM – Smart devices performance –
April 8, 17:00
SIDT Online Forum – Tennis – April 27, 15:00
VM – Blockchain technology disrupting sports industry- April 23, 16:00
Stay United! – Speciall call for startups and tech companies to face COVID-19

On March 19, GSIC has launched a special startup call to its members’ network in order to gather the initiatives that can help sports entities to mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak crisis.

Whether those solutions are to help people to stay active and workout at home during this quarantine, engage with the fans when all
sporting events have been canceled or even detect and prevent the further spread of the virus.
With this initiative, we will promote our members’ solutions, offering them directly to all sports organizations we are working with, and sharing this initiative with different media, national and international.

In the following days, we will release a special communication announcing those solutions.

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the sports industry – March 27

Over these past weeks, many industry events were canceled or postponed, competitions suspended or re-scheduled, leagues and clubs announcing important numbers of revenue losses. As well as many startups and tech companies had to find new ways to adapt their business models and strategies to survive in this difficult period.

Nevertheless, many could manage to reinvent themselves and resist this crisis, many have come up together to face it. We have seen a bunch of great initiatives rising across the sports industry and on Friday, March 27 we brought up an open discussion about everything that’s going on right now in the world and how it is affecting our industry.

We gathered a panel of industry experts, Chris Robb, Author, International Keynote Speaker, Advisor, and author of Mass Participation; Marcus John, CEO of Sports Capital Advisors; Andrew Griffiths, Founder at Andrew Griffiths Enterprises, to discuss the overall picture of the impact the COVID/19 crisis is producing on the sports industry, as well as to analyze in detail the losses and the opportunities that sports entities and startups can find in this new scenario.

GSIC members can watch the recording on this session in our private members’ area.

Watch video
The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the sports industry – LATAM Edition – March 30
On March 30 we held another conference to talk about the COVID-19 crisis impact on the sports industry but from the perspective of the Latinamerican market.

For that, we invited Amir Somoggi, CEO and Founder of Sports Value, São Paulo, Brasil; Marcelo Gantman, sports, innovation, and technology journalist, podcaster, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Samuel Perez Weber, CCO & CMO at Blanco y Negro SA (Colo-Colo), GSIC Ambassador, Santiago, Chile.

All the experts expressed their concern regarding the consequences of the lockdown and how sports organizations in South America will struggle to fulfill their obligations with sponsors and fans as well as to find their way out of the economic crisis.

GSIC members can watch the recording on this session in our private members’ area.
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Microsoft for Startups Europe Grand Meeting – March 31
On March 31 we held a virtual all-day event in collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Europe that initially had to be held onsite in Madrid, but fortunately, we could re-adapt it and deliver its valuable content to the European startups. 

During the morning, Microsoft for Startups Europe team was driving presentations on the philosophy of the program explaining how Microsoft is betting on the tech startups and what is their way to collaborate together, as well as explained all the details of the program, how to be admitted, and how all the process looks like.

In the afternoon we also had a session with Michael Broughton, an expert in investments, who shared what startups should and shouldn’t do to get funding form a VC. And to finish the day, we had a session with a LinkedIn marketing team who explained how startups can use their platform to boost their businesses. 

We thank all our participants and speakers for making this event possible and proving that it can be delivered also in an online format:
  • Andrew Macadam, Western Europe Managing Director for Startups at Microsoft
  • Rachel Peck, Global Startup Business Development at Microsoft
  • Kelvin Keane, Western Europe Startup & Partner Specialist at Microsoft for Startups Europe
  • Sergio Murillo, Senior Account Director – Marketing Solutions Spain at LinkedIn
  • Michael Broughton, Senior Advisor Business Technology, Innovation & Investment Strategy
Our members can watch all the recordings of this event in our private members’ area.
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The Esports industry: challenges and opportunities for the next years – April 1
On April 1, GSIC and Global Esports Summit and GSIC organized the presentation of a report on ‘The Esports industry: challenges and opportunities for the next years’

This report comes after the I Edition of the GES (Global Esports Summit organized by Global Sportainment) in 2019 when we signed an agreement to continue the formative and evangelizing vocation with which this project was born and thus create the GESx powered by GSIC.

GESx powered by GSIC continues the formative and evangelizing commitment of Global Sportainment with a series of meetings with experts at the headquarters of the GSIC, open to the Esports sector and with the support of the Esports Bureau and San Miguel as a networking partner.

This report is featuring the research and information gathered during 5 Esports events and special workshops with GES Advisory Board.
Our members can watch the presentation of the report on our private members’ area and everyone can download a full version of the report form ou website (this content is produced in Spanish).
Download the report
Initiatives for gender equality in the sports industry – April 2
Another event that was meant to be delivered onsite, but we managed to organize it in an online format to not leave aside such an important topic as gender equality in the sports industry.

This time we invited some sports organizations and the experts from the sector to know more about how they are supporting women in the industry, equaling their professional opportunities.

We thank our participants and speakers:

Our members can watch all the recordings of this event in our private members’ area.
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Virtual Meeting – Latam sports tech market: Winners of the Sports Summit Startup Competition – March 12
On March 12 we had an opportunity to talk during our Virtual Meeting with the winners of the Sports Summit México Startup Competition, CamOnAppRezzilTAGPAY who shared their solutions and discussed the situation of the sports tech on the Latin American market.

Our members can watch all the recordings of this event in our private members’ area.
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Virtual Meeting – The future and implementations of 5G technology – March 24

The current explosion of emerging digital technologies is changing our lives every day, putting access to more information than we’ve ever had at our fingertips. This wave of disruption is forcing industries the world over to rethink the basic infrastructures they rely on.

As we continue to develop our activity program, we organized on March 24 a Virtual Meeting during which we talked with our members Atos, Vetrya and YBVR about one of the most discussed and trending technologies to disrupt the sports industry: 5G connection.

Our members can watch all the recordings of this event in our private members’ area.

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Save the date for GSIC Summit 2020!
After the success of its first edition, GSIC Summit is coming back in 2020!

This year we will gather all the members for one day of conferences, workshops, and working groups on September 22. This will be a great way to meet other members from 38 countries, share your ideas, meet our strategic partners, look for synergies and do a quality networking.

If you want to participate in GSIC Summit as a speaker, you can fill a special form below so we can include you in our content program of the event.
Content Program Form
Registration Form
Join our new LinkedIn private group for GSIC Members!

At the GSIC we are continually working on the creation of different opportunities for our members in order to help them grow. This time, after a joint design thinking session held during GSIC Summit on September, we have launched a new private group for GSIC members on LinkedIn to provide a new space where they can share their news, interesting feed for the sports tech ecosystem and reach out to other members for networking. 

If you are a GSIC member, you can join the group on the following link.

Join LinkedIn Group
Members Area is available for all GSIC members
All GSIC Members can already access the private Members Area using their unique credentials. Members Area is an intranet, where all the Center’s members can find now more information about each other, share their content and get exclusive news from GSIC and its members.

If you are a GSIC member you can benefit from using this private area where you will find Virtual Meetings, Members catalog, Content shared by members, Working groups, Photos of activities, Microsoft Training, Important documents, Events.

Members Area
New members
         Get to know new members who joined the GSIC in March 2020
The most advanced flooring system in the world. Thanks to groundbreaking technology, this fascinating surface offers a whole new spectrum of visual experiences with individual marking lines for various sports or special occasions. At the same time, our glass floors meet all industrial standards and are suitable for all kinds of sports, events, trade fairs or retail trade – one floor, 1000 possibilities!
ELXR is the Pioneer of Genetics-Based Fitness Ecosystem in Asia. We are the game-changer in Asia’s fitness industry by providing fun and business opportunities for trainers, and advertising opportunities for companies.
It is the first and only sports-tech company to be ever selected and accepted into the 500 Startups global accelerator in Kobe/Japan, as one of the top VC firms in the world based in Silicon Valley, with a low 7% acceptance rate out of 237 applicants.
As the industry leader in IP-based security solutions, it’s our aim to minimize the unknown. We build resilient, connected solutions that help businesses protect, understand, and enhance the world around them. Forward-thinking technology can provide a platform that facilitates communication and collaboration to improve public safety and support the advancement of the city and its interests. 
OWQLO by Tech Smart Sports Connector Corp. is connecting players, coaches, parents and all actors in the non-professional sports community to inspire a new sports experience. Our innovative technology extends your sports experience beyond the court, so that you can easily manage your schedule, interact with your team and engage with personalized content. Our priority is your security, which is why OWQLO’s groups are closed to your sports entity. 

Ultra Sync creates live, interactive experiences displaying the collective emotional pulse of the fans, both at home and in the stadium. Now, fans can put their heart in the game – literally. Ultra Sync measures the emotions and level of synchronization between fans, locally and globally. Everybody can see the collective effect, everybody can feel it – in the stadium or at home. And at the center of the sport arena, the team gets the most of this amazing energy.

Members News
iAltitude adapts its production to supply Spanish healthcare with medical equipment to face the COVID-19 crisis

iAltitude is dedicated to the development of oxygen systems and technology, aimed at the area of health and sports performance. It also works with the Ministry of Defense and Health Directorate of the Air Force, in the field of performance in extreme environmental conditions.

Aware of the current serious health problem and the need to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, given the increasing infection curve, the
iAltitude team has developed in record time a large number of units of portable and on-site oxygen systems. With them, healthcare professionals can administer high-concentration, non-invasive oxygen therapy treatment to two patients per portable unit. The iAltitude oxygen system is designed to reduce the risk of contagion by aerosol, to healthcare providers who care for patients affected by the virus.

iAltitude is completing the manufacturing of multi-station systems, for the same purpose, in order to meet much higher demand from people affected by COVID-19.

Today, thanks to donations from companies in the sports sector, such as GO FIT, several companies and private individuals, over twenty
iAltitude oxygen systems have been made available to the IFEMA field hospital. All of this has been coordinated and channeled, through the General Coordination of the Madrid City Council, SUMMA 112 and the logistics team of the IFEMA hospital.

The primary objective of
iAltitude is to provide all hospitals that need their oxygen systems, as soon as possible, so that they have the necessary tools in the fight against COVID-19. This will be possible thanks to the support of private companies and Spanish public institutions, from different sectors.

ONTIER has launched its probono initiative offering free legal consulting services to SMEs, NGOs, and foundations

The current scenario that the world is facing due to the coronavirus health emergency has led to the adoption of strict and immediate emergency measures by many governments. A common measure that the vast majority of governments are applying in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 involves isolating large populations. This measure, which has so far proved only partially effective in China is likely to bring unforeseeable and possibly unprecedented economic implications. The tendency of governments to adopt more significant prohibitive measures in an attempt to prevent the collapse of national health systems is causing many entities whose activity cannot be replaced with teleworking practices to struggle during this time.

In light of the above, and in order to ensure no entity is left struggling with any legal concern, last week, ONTIER, a law firm that is member of the GSIC Community, launched its
probono campaign with the purpose of helping any entities that are in need of legal advice during the Coronavirus crisis. With offices located in 13 countries and under the slogan So that everything goes well (“Para que todo salga bien”), the aim of ONTIER is to help SMEs, NGOs, and Foundations in these uncertain times by offering free legal advice.

ONTIER’s free advice is limited to SMEs, NGOs,
and Foundations, and covers basic issues related to tax law, employment/labor law, as well as any other matter that may affect the day-to-day business of these entities from a legal point of view. The free advisory services will last until the end of the COVID-19 crisis, although ONTIER is already considering extending these services further, to ensure that companies return to their daily operation in the best possible way.

More info
JUMP Live Demos

As an alternative to NAB Show, we will be hosting virtual meetings and demonstrations of Jump´s Data management platform for the video industry until April 30th. 

JUMP also has launched their Free Media Library: that includes a new Whitepaper (find it also attached)

Live Demos
Media Library
Web TV platform MyTVchain partners with innovative social sport platform Blocksport

Web TV platform MyTVchain which specializes in live streaming and VoD services for sports industry founded and based in Sophia Antipolis, France, announces today entering into a partnership with the Swiss-based SportsTech Blocksport to offer the sports clubs unique SaaS-based social sports platform with integrated Web TV solution by MyTVchain. In addition, MyTVchain will support Blocksport on further expansion on the French sports market.

MyTVchain offers a private web TV for the sports clubs and former champions based on a freemium model and where sports clubs can add services to their viewers that can be purchased and where viewers earn token while watching videos. MyTVchain’s mission is to help sports clubs generate more revenue from their content, build brand loyalty and accelerate growth in the development of sport club channels.

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Sponix Tech in the UEFA Champions League

For the first time in the history of UEFA Champions League, a point of view shot was broadcasted live during the match. This moment was created by Sponix Tech’s Feel the Match technology and went on air by RMC Sport.

During the round of 16 leg 2 of 2 match between Paris Saint-Germain F.C. and Borussia Dortmund, Sponix Tech produced an immersive replay for the first goal of the game. The goal was scored by Neymar in 28’ of the game which then followed by Juan Bernat’s 45’ goal to make a win for PSG.

By the cooperation with RMC Sports, Sponix Tech applied its Feel the Match technology to create a replay which lets the fan see the moment Neymar scored the goal from a novel angle.

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AS Monaco joins forces with IQONIQ

With the partnership, which will run for four seasons until June 2023, IQONIQ becomes the official digital fan engagement platform of AS Monaco. The partnership also provides for the presence of the IQONIQ brand on AS Monaco’s shorts starting from Saturday (Nice-Monaco, Saturday March the 7th).

The IQONIQ platform, which is due to be launched in the coming months, offers an “all-in-one” solution that rewards fans’ commitment and allows them to follow and interact with their favorite league, club and players.

By integrating the club’s digital ecosystem, IQONIQ will offer its users a range of opportunities to feel closer than ever to their club, including behind the scenes access, exclusive discounts and personalized content, allowing AS Monaco to strengthen its proximity with its large community of more than 11 million followers from around the world.

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Adidas becomes the first brand to invest in Fly-Fut’s advertising

Fly-Fut is a start-up that was created two years ago and rapidly became the pioneer in recording football games via drones. The target Fly-Fut directs its product at is amateur football players. Fly-Fut is the first company that does this type of activity, which allows its public to enjoy a unique and ground-breaking product.

The start-up business model is innovative and consists i
n fusing the drone technology with football, applying a model known as “content as a service”, similar to the business models of companies like Spotify and Netflix. The players receive their games directly on their phones when they pay a subscription.

The engagement this app is generating rivals the best app in the existing market. Being able to revive the best moments in every single one of each amateur football game opens a new touchpoint between amateur football players and the main sports brands to connect via
a unique content that is delivered on a weekly basis. This marketing concept is called “MISTEX“: micro-star-experience.

After several months of conversations with the most
relevant sports companies in the world, the German giant becomes the first of the big three sports companies (Nike, Puma, and Adidas) to invest in Fly-Fut advertising. The agreement has been signed without any exclusivity and for a limited time. Fly-Fut has not wanted to take sides with anyone, given the fact that this is still an initial step in their business development. On its side, Adidas wants to test the start-up limits. The start of the collaboration took off with the release of the new Predator boots, an icon in the modern football world and a pillar of the German company. Adidas’s faith in Fly-Fut’s capacity to connect with amateur football players is a great step for the Spanish start-up.

Wolves create targeted app notifications via the orange box

Wolverhampton Wanderers have become the first UK client to utilise Sports Alliance’s ‘commit to App’ functionality. Having worked closely with the Clubs US-based app provider, Yinzcam, Wolves can use our SRM Campaign tool to build data segments based on behavioural and demographic insights rather than just App preferences.

All supporters who have a Single Sign On account, registered via the Wolves app, can receive targeted and personalised notifications. For example, the Club are now able to create specific push notifications to match-going fans and non-attendees with relevant and timely information. For the recent fixture with West Ham United, the unusual kick-off time of 7:30pm was the perfect use case to remind season ticket holders and match ticket purchasers to arrive earlier than normal.

Richard Pepper, Head of Digital, Wolves “We are delighted with the new functionality that is now available which allows us to build and execute notifications to tailored segments, based on the data we hold with Sport Alliance. This enables us to continue to improve our communications in a new and exciting manner and further emphasises our commitment to providing the best possible digital engagement for fans.”

Alongside the new functionality, Wolves and Sports Alliance are now able to pull App usage data into the Orange Box, providing even further insights into digital fan behaviour.

Wolverhampton Wanderers are part of the Sports Alliance network which now features over 120 clubs in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

Athletes at Yuncler sports schools are in good physical-nutritional condition after the assessments performed by IGOID Sportec

The Yuncler City Council and the Sports Department, considered of the importance of the health of its children and youth population that performs sports in the Sports Schools, reached an agreement with IGOID-SPORTEC (spin-off of the University of Castilla – La Mancha) for the implementation and development of the successful Protocol Active Health Sportec to the members of the Sports Schools in their different modalities. During the first weeks of February, a total of 124 boys and 89 girls from the Sports Schools have been evaluated by professionals and experts from IGOID-SPORTEC.

In said protocol it is a question of carrying out a sports health evaluation that includes various tests, including an anthropometric measurement with weight values, percentage of fat and muscle mass, BMI, among others; the assessment of physical condition through tests of strength and endurance; balance and postural control through a platform of pressures; and respiratory capacity by spirometry. In addition, a simple evaluation of the food foods of
the said population is also included. Once the evaluations are completed, you will receive from the City Council staff the participants and their families, an individualized report with the data obtained from each of the tests carried out, as well as a series of general recommendations regarding each parameter. In addition, each athlete will have access to the project’s digital platform, where they can consult, analyze and compare their individual results with other sports or populations.

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Alpes San Javier becomes the first client in Mexico for TAGPAY

Instituto Alpes San Javier is a private school dedicated to the integral formation of women in Guadalajara, Mexico. From elementary to high school, through secondary school, they accompany their students on their way to success, teaming up with families, sharing the responsibility for training, in this way they manage to strengthen students from within to face the world that awaits them as women of integrity.

A fundamental part of the comprehensive training that students receive is sports, where the prestigious school of the Semper Altius Network of Schools has decided to innovate with the incorporation of TAGPAY.

TAGPAY will help automate and simplify administrative processes as well as provide security for parents and students, an extremely special issue that TAGPAY is committed to. Through our news
feed they can share virtual experiences such as home workouts, nutrition plans, so that the students are connected in one place and receive the relevant information only. Thus begins the path in which TAGPAY Mexico hopes to continue adding clients to whom we help them have better control in their sports activities.

Grupo ECSA access control system at the Atletico River Plate stadium 

Grupo ECSA did the implementation of an access control system in the Stadium of the Club Atlético River Plateinstalling their complete solution that consists of more than 200 turnstiles and software.

Lucas Perez bets on his Nakama Glasses

LUCAS PÉREZ bets on his Nakama Glasses for his participation in the FIFA charity tournament hashtag # LaLigaSantanderChallenge organized by IBAI LLANOS which ends with an overwhelming victory for our Nakama Lucas opted for the Earth model of Nakama Glasses that incorporates our STOP adapter BLUE LIGHT, with the aim of increasing their performance in their FIFA games. Our team made a totally exclusive and personalized piece for our friend, incorporating his name in the terminals of the Tierra model and the cover of his Nakama. The game ended with a crushing 5-1 victory for our Nakama. We are proud to have Lucas in our family!

International Events
Sports Summit México 2020 took place in México DC on February 26 and 27, and here’s a detailed report on the event’s ourtcomes.
See the report
On May 25 and 26, Sportbiz Europe will take place in Barcelona. It is the meeting point for the sports business sector, with a distinctive stamp of qualified networking, in a casual and inspiring atmosphere. a two-day event in the exciting Barcelona, focused on the hottest topics in the industry, in transformation, innovation and in foreseeing the market’s future.

Get now the Early bird tickets with
50% of discount!

Our Director of Business Development and Innovation, Iñigo Bonilla, will attend this event with a keynote
Find out more
Madrid will once again serve as a meeting point for sports professionals in Spain. Global Esport Summit, the great forum for networking, debate and knowledge for the electronic sports ecosystem, will celebrate its second edition on June 10 at Teatro Goya.
After the success of the last edition – attended by more than 43 speakers and 600 participants – # GES20 seeks to consolidate itself as the reference sports congress in our country. Under the motto “The Esports Evangelist” it will be a new place to discover news, data

GSIC members will be provided with special discounts for tickets.

and trends in the sector and bring together industry leaders and professionals from non-endemic entities interested in it.
Find out more
The Spielmacher Conference 2020 is the 4th edition of the new and innovative football business conference in Hamburg. It all began with a simple idea: Let’s create a forum for innovation, where global leaders of the sports-ecoystem can meet and envision the future.

Bringing this
years conference to life, we will be the largest industry gathering for the football ecosystem in Germany. We are football. We are breaking with standardized paradigms in order to create an innovation-mecca for a billion dollar industrie. Always focused on an unconventional and professional networking about the future of sports.
Find out more
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