Newsletter – February 2020

Newsletter – February 2020

GSIC Newsletter – February 2020
CamOnApp, TagPay, and Rezzil, winners of Sports Summit Startup Competition

The first edition of the Startup Competition, organized by the Sports Summit Mexico and the Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) powered by Microsoft took place in Mexico DC on February 26 and 27. The members of the jury named unanimously CamOnApp (Argentina / Mexico), Tagpay (United Kingdom / Mexico) and Rezzil (United Kingdom / Costa Rica) the winners of the competition.

The competition was launched at the end of January and it was aiming to create a meeting point before, during and after the Sports Summit for Latin American startups and SMEs that are developing innovative solutions applied to the sports industry. The finalists presented their solutions to the public, media and national and international sports entities during the event in México DC on February 27. The projects were evaluated by a jury of the sports industry professionals, among them, our General Manager Iris Cordoba, during pitching and the 3 winners has been defined:

CamOnApp, an immersive technology company that provides customized solutions of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality so that brands, agencies or advertisers can boost their campaigns, communication, and sales opportunities.

Rezzil, a technology leader, working at the forefront of what is possible and is already in daily use by many UEFA clubs – including the current Champions League winners. Rezzil is a cognitive development platform that offers three main services; analysis, medical and decision making. Their goal is to identify, create and maintain resilient, confident footballers who make the right decisions at the right time.

TAGPAY, a company that was born with the purpose of helping to solve administrative issues within Sports schools. They help Sports schools to simplify their administrative processes through an APP that helps them centralize Communication, Profiles, Assists, and payments. They add an important issue such as security so that parents know their children are safe at school.

The launch of this Startup Competition reinforced the commitment of Sports Summit Mexico 2020 with innovation, Latin American entrepreneurs, investors, and sports entities. As well as all 10 finalists benefited from the visibility during the event and the 3 winners are now new GSIC members with a free membership till the end of this year. 

Upcoming events
Initiatives for women’s equality in the sports industry – March 10, 09:00
Virtual Meeting – The winners of the Sports Summit Startups Competition: Latam sports tech market – March 12, 17:00
Virtual Meeting – The future of 5G technology – March 24, 17:00
Microsoft for Startups Europe Grand Meeting – March 31, 09:00
GESx Session 4 – Esports Legal, financial and insurance challenges – February 4

Esports are growing exponentially. However, with the speed at which this market grows, the same level of development in the legal field is required. In this new GESx by GSIC meeting, we talked with different professionals about how to address the various legal and financial aspects as well as how insurers enter Esports and cover the new hobby of the 21st century.

Our panel of experts “Esports legal, financial and insurance challenges” was composed by Rubén Sánchez, Head if Business Development at Mapfre, José Manuel Saco – Head of alianzas digitales en Liberbank, Joaquín Muñoz, Laweyr at Ontier, Patricia Manca, Partner at Tax and Legal Services & Leader of Entertainment & Media at PwC Spain. 

This fourth GESx was the last one from the series of events that have set bases for Global Esports Summit and GSIC to prepare a report on the current situation of the Esports industry that will be presented on April 1 at the Global Esports Summit event in Madrid.

Workshop on opportunities and challenges of Esports – February 6
On February 6, the Advisory Board of the Global Esports Summit and GSIC had held a meeting to set the bases for the special report on the opportunities and challenges of the esports in the next years. 

This report will feature the research and information we’ve gathered during 4 esports events we’ve organized:
  • Esports, Thinking for the future – June 13, 2019, with Evo Holding and Esports Bureau
  • Esports clubs challenges – October 30, 2019, with MadLions, Team Heretics, Vodafone Giants, X6TENCE
  • Esports brands challenges – December 17, 2019, with Mahou, Razer, Fiesta Colombina, Movistar Esports
  • Esports legal, financial and insurance challenges – February 4, 2020, with Ontier, Mapfre and Liberbank
The report will be presented during the Global Esports Summit on April 1 in Madrid. 
Virtual Meeting – Making data-driven decisions – February 20
We read about it everywhere. The term ‘big data’ alone has become something of a buzzword in recent times – and for good reason.

By leveraging the wealth of digital insights available at your fingertips and embracing the power of business intelligence, it’s possible to make more informed decisions that will lead to commercial growth, evolution, and an increased bottom line.

This is why, we asked our members Iristrace, Lexim, and Neodata to share their experience and the different
way they are working with data in the sports industry in our next Virtual Meeting ‘Making data-driven business decisions’ on Thursday, February 20
Watch video
Initiatives for women’s equality in the sports industry – March 10

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, on March 10 at 09:00 we invite you to attend our round table “Initiatives for the equality of women in the sports industry” to which we have invited different sports entities to learn about the initiatives that are being carried out in their organizations to support gender equality in terms of sports practice and job opportunities.

As every year, we want to continue with the initiative of supporting female professionals in our sector and this time we will have the participation from:

The table will be moderated by our General Manager, Iris Córdoba Mondejar.
Microsoft for Startups Europe is coming to Madrid with a special event for all European startup
On March 31 we will hold a special all-day event in collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Europe who will come again to Madrid to meet all European tech startups!

Come and meet on 1-to-1 meetings Andrew Macadam. Western Europe Managing Director Microsoft for Startups who will share with you all the benefits of this program that delivers the technology, go-to-market, and community benefits needed to catalyze startup success. Thousands of startups from more than 140 countries have connected their game-changing solutions to our enterprise customers. Startups active in this program are on pace to close more than $1 billion in new sales opportunities over the next year alone.

We have also organized special activities for startups during this event. Meet our first special guest GP Bullhound, a leading technology advisory and investment firm, providing transaction advice and capital to the world’s entrepreneurs and founders.

Register for 1-to-1 meetings here.

See the complete agenda here and don’t miss your opportunity!
Save the date for GSIC Summit 2020!
After the success of its first edition, GSIC Summit is coming back in 2020!

This year we will gather all the members for one day of conferences, workshops, and working groups on September 22. This will be a great way to meet other members from 36 countries, share your ideas, meet our strategic partners, look for synergies and do a quality networking.

If you want to participate in GSIC Summit as a speaker, you can fill a special form below so we can include you in our content program of the event.
Content Program Form
Registration Form
Microsoft Partner Network programs that will benefit your business
Connect with the largest customer base and marketplace in the industry.
At the GSIC we continue developing our 5th pillar, which as you all know is related to Microsoft Partner Solutions, working closely with Microsoft Sports Team who was supporting the GSIC since its creation in 2015 in all its initiatives and activities, as well as our members’ solutions.

Now, we want to offer you the value of the Microsoft Partner Network, a program designed by Microsoft to enhance technology-based companies’ businesses by facilitating the access to the market, providing free MS technology and services, as well as the power of a network of thousands of partners worldwide.

With Microsoft Partner Network you will have more visibility to the sports industry ecosystem as this will allow you to be included in our MS Sports Solutions Offering, meaning that your solution will be promoted by MS Sports Team to the sports organizations worldwide. Also, you will have priority when participating in some of GSIC’s activities, like Innovation Days, Workshops and Sport Thinkers.

And, above all, you will be provided with a set of:
  • training resources,
  • incentive programs
  • marketing materials
  • access to software for internal use,
  • personalized support.
Microsoft for . Enroll in by completing your company information and start exploring all the resources and possibilities that Microsoft offers. Besides, we can also help you to enroll in this link, by just registering on completely for free, Basic MembershipThere are 4 different models of partnership from which you can choose the one that suits your business the best. You can easily start with the
Startups program that provides companies with free Azure and technical support.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our team for assistance.
Join the program
GSIC Best Practices
LaLiga Watch Parties: Coming to the US!
FanWide is LaLiga’s Official Bar Network, bringing exclusive events and watch parties to the United States, starting in March, 2020. We will be starting in eight cities, including New York (NYC), Los Angeles (LA), Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, and Washington DC / Baltimore, with more cities planned!

LaLiga and FanWide will be hosting featured events at the top bars in each of these cities on certain matchdays.  These bars and matchday details will be announced here and added to  FanWide helps sports organizations manage their bar or pub
program to engage their fans during gameday.
Read More
Other activities
   World Football Summit is bringing their               Sports Marketing students from Real 
     interns to GSIC for Inspiration Day –                    
Madrid School came to GSIC to
                   February 7, 2020                              learn about innovation – February 12, 2020
   IISM  Sports School from Mumbai on
         the visit to  GSIC showroom
              – February 13, 2020        
Join our new LinkedIn private group for GSIC Members!

At the GSIC we are continually working on the creation of different opportunities for our members in order to help them grow. This time, after a joint design thinking session held during GSIC Summit on September, we have launched a new private group for GSIC members on LinkedIn to provide a new space where they can share their news, interesting feed for the sports tech ecosystem and reach out to other members for networking. 

If you are a GSIC member, you can join the group on the following link.

Join LinkedIn Group
Members Area is available for all GSIC members
All GSIC Members can already access the private Members Area using their unique credentials. Members Area is an intranet, where all the Center’s members can find now more information about each other, share their content and get exclusive news from GSIC and its members.

If you are a GSIC member you can benefit from using this private area where you will find Virtual Meetings, Members catalog, Content shared by members, Working groups, Photos of activities, Microsoft Training, Important documents, Events.

Members Area
Porsche joins the GSIC as a strategic member
Porsche, the largest sports vehicle manufacturer in the world and the one with the greatest tradition in motorsports is joining the GSIC as a strategic partner looking for support to their area of Esports as well as their new project, Formula E team.

GSIC will develop a program of activities
such as working groups, workshops and projects with startups to help Porsche with their digital transformation process by connecting them with the latest technology and disruptive innovation. 
Venuenext is a new GSIC stratgic member
Venuenext is a leader in mobile commerce technology partnering with venues around the world. Our software is used across a range of industries – from sports stadiums and arenas, universities, hospitals, and corporate campuses, to the largest theme parks in the world – adapting to a great variety of business and guest use cases.

The company is a new GSIC strategic member with who we will work on the global promotion for Smart Venues projects, as well as tech scouting to integrate into their solution.
New members
         Get to know new members who joined the GSIC in February 2020
Discover new members
Members News
Pressenger’s ‘bubbles’ are now integrated in Borussia Dortmund oficcial app 

On January 30th, Borussia Dortmund, of the Bundesliga, presented their partnership with GSIC member, Pressenger.

Pressenger has been integrated into the Borussia Dortmund app, which is now able to place highly creative banner images in the Android notification center, as well as image squares on the fans iPhone and Apple watch, gaining their full attention. Users will immediately notice that there is something different in their notification center since the image banners are visually more appealing.

In addition, this tool will also provide a new advertising platform for sponsors or third-parties, allowing
the, top flight, German team to monetize mobile push notifications for the first time and give an enhanced presence to the brands with whom they collaborate.

At the moment Borussia Dortmund will
utilise Pressenger to send match-day and real-time match results, as well as other specific communications with fan engagement and fan experience purposes

IGOID-Sportec accredites artificial lawn rugby fields according to world rugby approval

From IGOID-SPORTEC SL, spin-off of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, we inform you that since 2019 we have the World Rugby certification as an accredited testing institute for conducting on-site technical tests in artificial grass fields (World homologation Rugby).

In the latter case, from World Rugby and the Spanish Rugby Federation, it is intended that any artificial turf system used for any form of competitive rugby and at any level of play, comply with Regulation 22 itself and with Rugby Turf Performance Specification.

This last document includes a rigorous testing program through which the quality, functionality and surface safety
are evaluated, thanks to the use of sophisticated specific equipment and the work of highly qualified technicians. These World Rugby and ENAC tests consist of the performance of tests both on the installed surface and in the laboratory, including shock absorption, vertical deformation, rotational resistance, ball bounce, critical fall height or Product identification, among others. Through them, the interaction of the surface with the player, the interaction of the surface with the ball, the durability and the environmental resistance of the products are valued, promoting the continuous improvement of the artificial turf to meet the needs of the game.

Therefore, IGOID-SPORTEC S.L. and its specialized technicians put at your disposal the quality audit service of the artificial turf fields according to the previous regulations and under the guarantee of ENAC and World Rugby.

Read More
4 GSIC members chosen to the final of Fan XP Challenge finalists

A group of 10 ambitious and forward-thinking startups from around the world have been selected as finalists for the Euroleague Basketball 2020 Fan XP Innovation Challenge.

A jury of global tech business professionals chose the finalists from among 80 aspirants from 17 different countries who applied to meet the challenge’s stated goals of offering solutions to create the best fan experience possible in one of three fields: broadcast-related fan engagement; in-arena fan engagement and/or smart arena solutions; and fan engagement through digital platforms.

watafan, Pressenger, SeatServe,YBVR, all members of the GSIC were among th
e 10 finalists who presented their projects at 4YFN from February 24 to 26 in Barcelona, Spain.

Each of the 10 finalists made a three-minute pitch to the jury and then fielded questions about their product, their history and their roadmap to profitability. The jury’s deliberation resulted in some close calls with more than half of the companies almost tied in points. In the end, was the Jury’s Choice winner and SeatServe was celebrated for best pitch.

Read More
BRT United will manage Rhinob’s communication strategy

BRT United, the only Spanish consultant for Sports Communications, has reached an agreement with Rhinob, a Spanish company specializing in sports technology, to lead its communication strategy.

Since last December, BRT manages the corporate and brand communication of this Spanish startups.

BRT United is the only strategic consultant in Spain specialized in the field of Sports Communications and has extensive experience in linking brands, companies and institutions with one of the most powerful social values, sport.

International Events

Coliseum is dedicated towards building the best global community of sports and entertainment venue executives and professionals creating better and more profitable venues. Coliseum facilitates a dialogue between stadiums, arenas, clubs, leagues and experts and enables them to learn from each other while establishing relationships. Coliseum’s digital 365Coliseum Business Center is a vast pool of resources for the stadium and arena industry world-wide.

We will be attending this event together with LaLiga and Real Sociedad sharing Smart Tag project.

Find out more
Sportbiz Europe is the meeting point for the sports business sector, with a distinctive stamp of qualified networking, in a casual and inspiring atmosphere. a two-day event in the exciting Barcelona, focused on the hottest topics in the industry, in transformation, innovation and in foreseeing the market’s future.

Get now the Early bird tickets with
50% of discount!

Our Director of Business Development and Innovation, Iñigo Bonilla, will attend this event with a keynote
Find out more

LEADERSHIP WOMAN FOOTBALL (LWF), is an international event dedicated to the women’s leadership in football, embracing all of the fields: Management, Coaching, Sporting, Legal, and Academic. It is a unique event considering the thematic, location, and universality proposed.

It is a global environment, in which the speakers are in the spotlight. The visitors are able to enjoy a high-level conference about the football industry, participating in a networking exchange in an exclusive environment (inside a football stadium), being a part of the most visible event dedicated to women in football.

a duration of two days, the congress is held in English and in Spanish, and aims to be a worldwide benchmark of women and football, creating synergies among all the actors in the sector and giving voice and visibility to current issues related to women and football.

Venue with a capacity of 400 people and designed to offer new experiences: +50 speakers and +30 nationalities.

Intended to men and women generally, professionals from the clubs, federations, leagues, institutions, and sports entities, nationally and internationally, or any person interested to be a part of the event and its conferences, as well to all the football lovers.

GSIC members will be provided with special discounts for tickets and exhibition booths. 

Find out more
Madrid will once again serve as a meeting point for sports professionals in Spain. Global Esport Summit, the great forum for networking, debate and knowledge for the electronic sports ecosystem, will celebrate its second edition on April 1 at Teatro Goya.
After the success of the last edition – attended by more than 43 speakers and 600 participants – # GES20 seeks to consolidate itself as the reference sports congress in our country. Under the motto “The Esports Evangelist” it will be a new place to discover news, data

GSIC members will be provided with special discounts for tickets.

and trends in the sector and bring together industry leaders and professionals from non-endemic entities interested in it.
Find out more
The third edition of ThinkSport’s international sport and innovation event will take place from 12 to 13 May 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and once again offer unique experiences and insights on pressing topics such as eSports, cyber security, human performance, fan engagement, and sustainability, to name just a few.

What to expect at THE SPOT
More than 1000 delegates from over 30 countries from the worlds of sport, academia
and business are expected to participate in the event, which will offer a variety of opportunities and experiences: 

  • at the Marketplace and the Demo Zone, you will be able to present and discover brand new products and solutions at stands that will change every day; 
  • a conference and series of workshops in untraditional and engaging formats will help connect you with pioneers in innovation and promote valuable conversations;
  • dozens of young companies will compete in a start-up battle where your vote will go toward crowning the ultimate champion; and
  • numerous networking opportunities will make The SPOT the birthplace of new cross-sector partnerships and projects.
Find out more
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